ASP Handcuffs: Ultra Plus Chain – Keyless Double-Locking Handcuffs

ASP Handcuffs: Ultra Plus Chain are forged from 7075 T6 ordinance-grade aluminum, with dual-sided keyways and keyless double locks for safety and ease of use. Trust ASP’s dedication to protecting those who protect.

ASP Handcuffs

The ASP Ultra Plus Chain Handcuffs are a high-quality choice for law enforcement, security guards, and anyone in need of reliable restraint equipment. These keyless double-locking handcuffs are made from 7075 T6 ordinance-grade aluminum, making them strong yet lightweight. The smooth, rounded edges ensure safety during use, while the dual-sided keyways make handcuff adjustment and removal easy and safe. The recessed button double locks eliminate the need for a handcuff key during cuffing, and the exclusive removable, unitized lock sets allow for instant repairs or pawl configuration changes. Trust in ASP’s mission to protect those who protect, with the Ultra Plus Chain Handcuffs.